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What do you do when life gives you lemons?

You make lemonade — for real!

My long and winding road to Master Mixologist had some interesting pit stops. Like law school. And real estate. And owning a yoga studio. But like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, nothing quite fit right. And then one day, after years of hopping from chair to chair and bed to bed, a family illness brought priorities into perspective pretty fast. It was time to reign in some of the wandering and focus on what I did really, really well.  I make great lemonade.

Mumma’s Lemonade is a story not just of providing for my family, but of bringing my family together in tough times. My signature recipe got a boost from my son, who muddled in mint. Flavor combinations became a family pastime and before long, we’d nailed down a winner and had a date to meet with Whole Foods for farmers market distribution. But the night before the tasting, tragedy (in the form of the stomach flu) struck!

Too sick to shop for more lemons, I added a touch of lemon grass to the only lemonade in the fridge, my husband’s. Well, Whole Foods loved it, and we were off to market with our little secret: Mumma’s lemonade is really Daddy’s recipe, with a twist!

We found our fruity groove and within one month we were up and running at the University Heights Farmers Market. And the rest is history. Now you can find us at markets all over Rhode Island, waiting for you to fall in love at first sip.

Whatever life throws your way,
just keep squeezing!